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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems, conveyors, industrial conveyor systems are researched and developed at Intech with outstanding features, effective applications in production and assembly of domestic and foreign enterprises.
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Conveyor belt is researched and developed at Intech with outstanding features, effective application in production of domestic and foreign enterprises. Conveyor systems have transformed mining, manufacturing and logistics operations. The speed and versatility of conveyor systems enable the fast and efficient conveying of a wide range of materials, making them very popular in the packaging and material handling industry, solving conveying problems in any environment. production school.

Main structure of Intech Group conveyor system:

  • Conveyor frame: Usually made of steel, stainless steel or profiled aluminum.
  • Transmission belt: Usually 2mm, 3mm thick PVC tape, 1.5mm thick PU tape,...
  • Transmission mechanism: Consists of steel or stainless steel pulleys, driven by sprockets or belts.
  • Traction motor: It is a geared motor, with a capacity from 0.2KW to 3.2KW.
  • Control system: Including Inverter, Sensor, Sensor, PLC,...
  • In addition, the  conveyor systems can also have pneumatic, hydraulic,...depending on the application.

Classification of conveyor systems:

Each type of conveyor has a different shape, function and application, The classification of conveyor systems is usually according to the function of each type or also according to the materials used to make them such as stainless steel, PVC, rubber...
  • Rubber conveyor belt: Heat resistant, large capacity.
  • Chain Conveyor: Good for bottle loading applications where stability is required.
  • Roller conveyors include: plastic roller conveyors, PVC roller conveyors, galvanized steel roller conveyors, motor-driven roller conveyors.
  • Vertical Conveyor: transport goods in the vertical direction.
  • PVC, PU conveyor belts: Light loads and popular with electronic products.
  • Curved Angle Conveyor: redirect product 30 to 180 degrees.

Advantages and disadvantages of Intech Group's conveyor system

  • Conveyor belt simple structure, high durability.
  • Capable of transporting materials in horizontal, inclined or a combination of both over large distances.
  • No noise to the surrounding, low power consumption.
  • Transporting bulk goods such as sand, crushed stone, coal, coal from one place to another.


  • To increase the service life of the conveyor belt, when using it, you should run at an average speed.
  • Small conveyor inclination.
  • Do not transport in the direction of the curve, need to arrange an additional motor and ice frame to change direction.

Application of the conveyor system Intech Group

Conveyor systems are more commonly used in business, production and construction activities of enterprises. The most applications in the industries: automobile, assembly, manufacturing, ... For chemical production, food, packaging, printing, garment...
  • Used to transfer goods in the form of bags and cartons onto cars and containers.
  • Used to transfer goods from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor of the factory.
  • Used to move goods from one warehouse to another.
  • Used to move goods from one location to another in the factory

In addition, conveyor belts for transporting goods have many applications in our real life and production.

Types ofConveyor systems Intech manufactures and supplies

Dưới đây là một số hệ thống băng tải mà Intech sản xuất và cung cấp. Ngoài ra, Intech Group còn sản xuất các loại băng tải với những đặc điểm và công dụng riêng tùy theo yêu cầu của từng khách hàng.

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